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3 November 1990
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I know, we’re in a refrigerator, but unfortunately this is not a cooking class. Ehem, maybe we should begin.
Welcome to the Introductory Course of Leopionology – the subject that studies exclusively about... me (well, I have to admit that I am full of myself). Anyway, if you're still interested after this course, Advanced Leopionology Courses are always open for free. Please sign up by friending me.

Here's some basic knowledge about Leopionology (listed in leopionological order):
1. leopion = leo + pion So leopion is practically a crossed species between lions (leo) and scorpions (pion).
‘pion’ doesn’t make any sense. Why not leoscorp or scorpleo? They sound weird, duh.
Why lions and scorpions then? Lions are one of the most amazing real creatures I’ve ever seen and Scorpio is my star sign.

2. Drawing is my first love. I don’t draw much now, unfortunately. Finally get back to it, thanks to HV Reverse Challenge. Yay!

3. Reading is something I’ve been spending a lot of time on. However, my knowledge of literature is relatively modest because I’m an agonisingly slow reader.

4. Writing is what I really love doing (as long as it’s not for school). Until now, I’ve been writing exclusively for the Harry Potter fandom: a few Dramiones and two Harry/Pansy drabbles. I do have lots of bunnies hopping around, too.

5. House I’ve been sorted into:

be sorted @ nimbo.net
I prefer to be in Slytherin really. Ravenclaw is only my second favourite house. I mean, solving puzzles for fun is fun; solving puzzles to get into your common room is just annoying.

6. My Harry Potter love match: Draco Malfoy
You love to look good on the arm of your man! Other people envy you, and you want the kind of guy who can keep you in style. Your champagne tastes match his exactly.
Who is you Harry Potter love match (for girls)?
One of my best friends said that my last profile was the portrait of ‘a total fan girl of Draco Malfoy’, which was more or less right. I love to discover the possibilities of his characterisation, so be prepared to see a little Draco-bashing as well.

7. Don’t forget the lovely shiny things:

Ok, that's the end of the course. I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. See ya!

PS: Did I mention that I'm old enough to read fictions of all ratings?

Latest course update: 31 Oct 2010 (to add more shinies XD)

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